Life Is Growing

I have not written a post in a while, and my lame excuse is that I have been too busy. I often find myself dreaming about the day when I will have finished some of my long-term goals. And then time forces me to return to the present, where everyday life seems to have turned stale, where time, along with my goals, keep rushing ahead of me. Now and then a change occurs, and life is fresh for a little while before my mind makes things look bland again. I hate it when I make things look bland.

The following is my advice and encouragement to others who have this problem.

At times when life seems to blur together into a bundle of emotions, we need to stop and breathe. We need to look at our lives as God looks at our lives—with eternity in mind. We need to see the bigger picture of God’s story, to look beyond our personal lives. Seriously, when we think that life is stale, it’s actually we who are stale.

One day everything will have changed. It sounds obvious, but we often lose sight of it. Everything won’t change in one day, but it will change—slowly and steadily. It will change meal by meal and smile by smile.

So let’s keep these things in mind as we go through each day. Life is growing. The sun is rising, and noon day is coming. Death has an end; eternity does not. God is good, and is worthy of all our praise. He is our Father and we our His children. Let us pray for strength to continue steadfast in Christ, steadfast in love and hope, steadfast in suffering, steadfast in rejoicing, steadfast in prayer, steadfast in our battle against the moral corruption of the world, steadfast in the Word, steadfast in every good thing. We have been called. So may we be faithful.


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