A Glorious Beauty

Written on 31 May 2014

Fall had arrived and Samuel, who loved the season of fall, was taking a walk at evening. A soft wind blew on his tan, rugged face and brawny body. Samuel stuffed his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, and for a moment he closed his eyes and slowly sucked in air through his nostrils. Walking along the quiet streets of the city he lived in, he could smell rich gardens, all well kept by the people who lived in the colorful houses beside the gardens.

Samuel didn’t have many problems in life. He was a part of a loving church, was very well off financially, and looked hansom wearing a short coat of brown curls atop his head. He thought to himself, “The LORD has been very good to me, filling my mouth with good things, yet it seems like something is missing in my life.”

Indeed, something was missing in his life; some very wonderful person was missing. He pondered hard, all the while keeping a steady walking pace. The street was quiet and the sun was near to setting. Crisp leaves wandered in the wind and their feet on the pavement sounded like the approach of shuffling feet. For a second he heard something, or at least thought he did, and jolted around quickly. But he saw nothing, so he continued walking. A moment later some thoughts came to his mind, and he spoke out loud with a tone of obviousness,

“A godly WOMAN! That is what I have failed to recognize is missing, but I know it is true! And I must learn to talk to women. If I see a woman on the street, then I must know how to carry on an ordinary conversation with her.” He reinforced all these thoughts, for, of course, he already knew that all these things were true.

As soon as he finished saying these thoughts out loud, a woman with long, golden hair stepped out from a hedge of bushes behind him. She revealed herself only because she thought that he had seen her, and she had heard only fragments of the words he spoke out loud. She had heard, “A WOMAN! I know it is true, I see a woman on the street.”

“Sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to startle you; I was merely taking a quick stroll towards home,” she spoke, her red lips moving softly.

The startled Samuel only caught a few of her words because he was so focused on the lovely sound of her voice. At length, when he said nothing, the young woman questioned,

“Sir, are you all right?”

Samuel quickly came to his senses, “Oh . . . um . . . I too was merely taking a walk, also of course as well.”

She laughed, sensing his nervousness, and her laugh was delightfully contagious.

“Well, I’ll be on my way,” she spoke, her gentle gaze sharpened on his eyes.

“Oh my, how foolishly I have acted! Please excuse my impolite manners. May I walk you home or do anything for you?”

“No thanks, sir,” she answered, and as she smiled her cute cheeks rose closer to her dark brown eyes set in a circle of bright snow.

“Well, I have nothing but to wish you a lovely evening then, dear lady,” Samuel stated, feeling a little more comfortable.

“Thank you, kind sir! I wish the same to you,” the young woman spoke in her cheery voice.

The two began diverging from the spot (Samuel retracing his steps towards his home), but after each had traveled a few feet, Samuel turned and called to the young lady,

“Kind lady!”

She turned around to face him.

“May I ask you a question?”

“You may,” she answered, thinking he would ask her name.

“What were you doing behind the hedge of bushes?” Samuel questioned, with a thoughtful look on his ruddy face.

The beautiful lady blushed and smiled, and with an honest answer replied,

“I was hiding from you sir, but I’m very glad you saw me and that the two of us could meet.”

“But I don’t even know your name . . .” Samuel said.

“And neither I yours . . .”

“My name is Samuel.”

“And my name is Sarah.”

“Well then, Sarah, I hope we meet again, and may the LORD be with you.”

“I’m not ready to say the same, sir. But I do wish you well, and may the LORD also be with you! Bye now!” She smiled, entertained his stare for a few seconds, and then was off towards home.

Samuel stood there awed by her beauty, inspired by her lovely character, and gladdened by the sound of her angelic voice. He stood pondering on the sidewalk of that quiet street for a long while after Sarah walked away.

If you were to ask Samuel about the event many years later, he would have been able to tell you what occurred with such vividness you’d have thought it just took place. He never saw Sarah again, and though at times he longed to, he remained a content and thankful man.

Samuel realized again that day that a glorious beauty was missing from his life, and this time he began searching to find a beauty that would bring more fullness to his life. A few years later he fell in love with a beautiful woman, and together they had and raised many children, and lived happily for the rest of their lives.

Though I couldn’t tell you Sarah’s thoughts about that evening, I do remember seeing her sparkling face shortly thereafter and hearing several remarks about how happy she was. I have no doubt that she loved very well and was loved very much.




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