Memorial Day and A Call to Fight for Life

Today we remember the men and women of the United States Military who sacrificed their lives for ours. They freely gave so that we might freely live. As we remember and honor these heroes of life may we be bold to sacrifice for life as they did. May we remember that the freedom we have today is a privilege that we still must fight for. May we fight courageously as they did. May we fight against the tyranny taking place in our own land. May we fight so that the daily bloodshed of innocent children whom these men died to save may cease. May we fight against the abuse of the precious freedom we have today. May we, as the saying reminds, use our freedom not to do as we please, but as we ought. We truly honor the men and women who have died for us by following in their steps and fighting for life. May we actively remember to do as they did – choose life. May we praise and thank God for giving us these faithful heroes who, knowing the cost, laid down their lives in imitation, whether knowingly or unknowingly, of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. May God bless America as we choose and fight for life! Happy Memorial Day!


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